Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy


Day 1:Welcome to Costa Rica
Fly to San José and meet your EduTours Tour Director at the airport. From the airport, you will go to your hotel where you will stay the night.

Day 2: Costa Rica government view about Renewable Energy.
A specialist from the Costa Rica Energy Institute will introduce you to Costa Rica in regards to renewable energy and all the different projects and efforts that Costa Rica has made to lead clean energy production.
95% of the energy produced in Costa Rica is from clean sources, such as hydro energy, geothermal, wind energy, etc.

Day 3: EARTH University / Introduction to Renewable energy
Head to EARTH University campus in the Costa Rica's Caribbean low lands. EARTH University is one of the best sustainable universities and campus in the entire world; you will visit different projects at EARTH.
Wake up early and enjoy projects at EARTH University. You will learn through hands on activities. You will start your immersion in the first Renewable Energy Laboratory of its kind in Central America. The Center for Research and Development in Renewable Energies forms part of REN@EARTH, a project that seeks to stimulate solutions to address the energy challenges of the future through training in renewable energy and the development of sustainable technology. The Center features high-tech equipment to enable users to get hands-on experience in alternative energy production, learning how to measure energy sources and design systems for domestic, agricultural or community use.

Day 4: EARTH University / Alternative of Renewable energy
Visit sustainable farms and learn about biodigestors: what is that? How do biodigestors help to reduce the carbon offset?

Day 5: Visit Reventazón Hydroelectric dam
In the morning you will visit one of the biggest hydroelectric projects in the Caribbean of Costa Rica. The specialist will explain all the details about environmental impact, social impact and economic importance for Costa Rica.

Day 6: How Renewable Energy are applicable in different sector of economy?
You will visit Rancho Margot, they produce their own energy and also produce the food for the hotel and visitors. You will immerse in a beautiful landscape close to Arenal Volcano. Enjoy your stay in a amazing place.

Day 7: Visit geothermal and solar energy projects
You will lodge in the middle of dry forest, in a wonderful project, when you enjoy the spring water, river, and amazing landscape. You will visit two important projects of energy production, the largest solar panels park in Central America, aprox. 5acres and you will learn about this type of energy and how it works. In the afternoon you will enjoy a visit to the geothermal power project in Miravalles Volcano.

Day 8: Biomass projects.
Visit a mill producing energy where the remains of sugar cane is used to energy production, which is known as biomass. Also, enjoy the beautiful province of Guanacaste, where you will learn about their culture and enjoy their national parks such as the Rincon de la Vieja.

Day 9
After enjoying and learning of the reality of renewable energy in Costa Rica, you can enjoy the incredible beaches of Costa Rica; where perfect temperature meets incredible biodiversity.

Day 10 Return home.